Disposable & Reusable Champagne Flutes and Glasses

Disposable & Reusable Champagne Flutes and Glasses

Our champagne flutes glasses include firm disposable, standard reusable and the virtually unbreakable top of the range polycarbonates which are almost indistinguishable from glass. Some of them are also CE stamped making them legally compliant for use by the licensed trade. If this section doesn't help you find what you are looking for or you are unsure about anything, please call customer services and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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A standard sized champagne flute. Very high quality. Lined at 100ml. Filled to the line, you can get appro...

From less than 22p (inc) each

  • Capacity marked to line
  • 160ml ~ 6floz
  • Crystal Polystyrene
Pack x 10 PPA-654010-PK
Only £2.65 (inc)
Box x 100 PPA-654010-BX
Only £21.18 (inc)

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A great value reusable plastic champagne glass. It has good strength and clarity which can withstand droppi...

From less than 85p (inc) each

  • 185ml ~ 6.5floz
  • Polystyrene
Pack x 10 PPA-106-2CL-PK
Only £9.59 (inc)
Box x 50 PPA-106-2CL-BX
Only £42.30 (inc)

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A small plastic champagne flute ideal for tasting and toasting. It has an approximate total capacity of 13...

From less than 22p (inc) each

  • Capacity marked to line
  • 135ml ~ 4.8floz
  • Crystal Polystyrene
Pack x 10 PPA-1470-PK
Only £2.55 (inc)
Box x 100 PPA-1470-BX
Only £21.49 (inc)

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A high quality and reusable polycarbonate champagne flute which is a virtually unbreakable. It is perfect f...

From less than £1.42 (inc) each

  • 190ml ~ 6.9floz
  • Polycarbonate
Item x 1 PPA-141-1CL-IT
Only £1.74 (inc)
Box x 12 PPA-141-1CL-BX
Only £17.02 (inc)

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This semi-reusable square glass is strong enough to be used more than once. As a disposable glass this is p...

From less than 80p (inc) each

  • 155ml ~ 5.6floz
  • Polystyrene
Pack x 6 PPA-EMI-SFC5-PK
Only £4.99 (inc)
Box x 72 PPA-EMI-SFC5-BX
Only £56.99 (inc)
Tall Champagne Glass

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A tall disposable plastic glass with a short stem. Suitable for wine and champagne. Made in the EU.

From less than 21p (inc) each

  • 200ml ~ 7.4floz
  • Crystal Polystyrene
Pack x 12 PPA-427-PK
Only £3.09 (inc)
Box x 360 PPA-427-BX
Only £74.34 (inc)
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