Coloured Plastic Cups, Glasses and Glassware

Looking for the perfect plastic cups or plastic glasses to brighten up your event? Add a spot of colour. from our range of recyclable, reusable and disposable coloured plastic cups and coloured glassware.

Our stylish high quality reusable polycarbonate tumblers, champagne, cocktail and wine glasses, available in black, white, gold and silver, are a sustainable and eco friendly alternative to glass. A great way to add a touch of unbreakable class to any event, wedding or special occasion.

Whilst our disposable red, pink, blue, yellow, green and neon coloured plastic cups, shot cocktail and champagne glasses will add a bit of fun to any party.

All of our coloured plastic cups and glasses can be printed and branded - call us to find out more.

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A mix of six different coloured reusable neon plastic shot glasses. Ideal for environments where ...

From less than 28p (inc) each

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A high quality and reusable polycarbonate champagne flute which is a virtually unbreakable. It is...

From less than £2.48 (inc) each

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