Compostable, Biodegradable Cups and Glasses and Eco Friendly Tableware Products

PartyPlastics is committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our range of compostable products are made from organic renewable materials including wood, paper, sugar bagasse, palm leaves and cornstarch and are the most environmentally friendly option. Under the right conditions they will fully decompose leaving no harmful residue.

Our range includes cornstarch based PLA plastic glasses, eco coffee cups, biodegradable straws, biodegradable cutlery, biodegradable plates, biodegradable paper cups and more. If you want to ensure your event has a minimal environment impact then choose our compostable, biodegradable cups, glasses and tableware.

Many of our biodegradable plastic glasses are CE stamped for use in licensed bars and can be custom printed.

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A 165mm fork made from sustainable wood - the original biodegradable material! Please note - for...

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Unfortunately, there is no type of 'biodegradable plastic' that disappears like an apple core or ...

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