Licensed Bars

Licensed Bars

Bars and clubs are coming under increasing pressure from Local Licensing Authorities to replace glass with unbreakable materials and we are now able to provide a solution to this problem.

Our disposable plastic glasses, reusable plastic glasses, biodegradable plastic glasses and unbreakable polycarbonate plastic glasses meet this requirement.

Our range of products include plastic wine glasses, Government stamped plastic beer glasses, plastic tumblers, plastic champagne glasses and plastic shot glasses are perfect for use in bars and clubs. In particular our unbreakable polycarbonate glasses are tough, dishwasher safe and look indistinguishable from glass.

With the commercial buyer in mind, volume discounts are already built in to our online pricing structure. However, if you do find a better price elsewhere, we would welcome the opportunity to provide an individual quotation.

Please browse our website to view our full product selection or alternatively call us on contact us for more information.

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