PartyPlastics PromoPoints Explained

Promo Point Promotion

Saving you money on your future purchases

As part of our celebrations for reaching our 10 year mile-stone, PartyPlastics have introduced a new PromoPoints promotion to reward our online Customers – renewing our commitment to bringing you the best possible prices.

As if it's not enough that we already strive to bring you the lowest prices available online – now we're giving our Customers even more! It's simply our way of saying thank you.

For every eligible purchase made, registered customers * can now earn PromoPoints that can be redeemed as a discount ** against future orders. Every PromoPoint is the equivalent of a one pence discount - which means that regular customers can achieve substantial savings!

And they are flexible too as points can be redeemed against your next purchase or saved until a later date - the choice is yours!

You can see how many points you have earned at any time by logging in to the site and reviewing your account settings.

As part of our on-going celebrations, selected products will regularly be allocated extra PromoPoints giving you the chance to save even more. Customers that have opted to receive information from us will be kept up to date with these offers via email so you won't miss an opportunity to save money.

If you're not sure if you have subscribed to receive this information, simply log in to your Customer account and review your account settings.

Full terms and conditions regarding the PromoPoints scheme can be found in our Terms & Conditions pages.

How do I earn promoPoints?

Simply by shopping with us. As you browse around our site you will see that certain products are marked with a PromoPoint value. When you buy these products you will earn that many points. Buy 2 of the product and earn at least double the points.

Every time you buy a qualifying product we remember how many points you have earned and make them available to you to redeem as a discount against future purchases. The more you buy, the more you save.

Can I use PromoPoints on other web sites or stores?

No. Our PromoPoints are exclusive to our web site and our customers. They serve as a way of rewarding returning customers with greater discounts when buying from us. PromoPoints have no monetary value, are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

What is a PromoPoint worth?

One PromoPoint is currently equivalent to a one pence discount so they can quickly add up to substantial savings.

How do I use PromoPoints

When you arrive at our checkout page, registered customers (that have logged in) will be offered the chance to redeem any PromoPoints they have previously earned for a discount. But the choice is yours. You can use them now, or save them up for a later time.

PromoPoints cannot be redeemed against delivery charges - but they can be redeemed against some or ALL of the order product total - for any products! That's right, if you have earned the points, you could pay for an entire order using nothing but your free PromoPoints!

Do PromoPoints expire?

Yes, but don't worry you have plenty of time to use them! To qualify to keep your PromoPoints you simply have to log in to your customer account at least once within a 12 month period so we know you're still there. If your account is not used for over 12 months your PromoPoint balance may expire.

When can I use the PromoPoints I earn?

The PromoPoints you earn when placing an order will show in your account automatically as soon as your order is processed and payment has cleared. They are then avaialable to be used on any subsequent order.

My order was cancelled, what happens to my PromoPoints?

If for any reason we are unable to process your order, any PromoPoints redeemed against the order will be returned to your account.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

You can see how many PromoPoints you have earned by logging in to your customer account and reviewing your customer profile.

How do I sign up for PromoPoints?

Simply sign up to become a registered PartyPlastics customer. This can be done during the checkout process or at any time. If you're stuck and need help, simply contact customer servcies and we will be happy to help.

Can I use PromoPoints and other payment methods at the same time?

Yes. PromoPoints are not like money - they simply earn you discounts. So you are able to reduce (or completely cover) the product costs with your PromoPoints and then pay any outstanding balance via the normal payment process.

* The PromoPoint promotion is available to registered Customers but exclusions do apply. Some trade customers already benefiting from tailored pricing are not eligible to earn additional PromoPoints. For full details and to review our full PromoPoint terms and conditions please visit our Terms & Conditions pages.

** PromoPoints can be redeemed against some or all of the cost of products purchased via our online store. They cannot be redeemed against additional services such as delivery charges. For full details and to review our PromoPoint terms and conditions please visit our Terms & Conditions pages.

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