Recyclable Sampling Pots

Recyclable Sampling Pots

Treat, tantalize, and tempt your guests with samples served in our RPET bowls. Present small portions of savory soups, sweet desserts, and more at your party! These lightweight bowls provide the perfect setting for trendy appetizers or sauces. The cube design adds a fresh angle to traditional service, from catered events to cocktail parties! Made of RPET, these sampling bowls are very sustainable, as they can be 100% completely recycled! Lower carbon footprint, less energy to recycle, lightweight and virtually shatterproof!

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  • 110ml ~ 4floz
  • RPET

A square disposable dish made from recycled plastic. Ideal for food samples and small desserts. Made in the EU.

From less than 4p (inc) each

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Box x 1000 PPA-TR4-BX
Only: £36.93 (inc)

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  • Not Capacity Marked
  • 28ml ~ 1floz
  • PET

28ml PET shot glasses. Perfect for outdoor events as they keep their shape and will not break. Also, as they are made of PET, all councils will pick up and recycle them.

From less than 3p (inc) each

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Box x 5000 PPA-XPET100
Only: £127.87 (inc)

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