Mugs and Coffee Glasses

Mugs and Coffee Glasses

Our mugs and coffee glasses fall into four categories. Recyclable, compostable, reusable and disposable. With a real emphasis on environmentally friendly events at the moment, our compostable, recyclable and reusable mugs and glasses tend to be the more popular choice. If this section doesn't help you find what you are looking for or you are unsure about anything, please call customer services for assistance.

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  • 240ml ~ 8floz

Most paper cups have either a thin plastic or wax lining to make them waterproof which means that they are not biodegradable and impossible to recycle. These 8oz cups are different because they are lined with a biodegradable plastic. This means they will fully biodegra...

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Box x 1000 PPA-Bio8UP-BX
Only: £91.49 (inc)

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