Recyclable Half Pint Glasses

Recyclable Half Pint Glasses

Our recyclable half pint glasses are light and strong, ideal for drinks or even for cold smoothies. The crystal-clear appearance gives these disposable drinkwares an upscale look. These glasses are also crack-resistant so you can confidently serve your beer, lemonade or even your smoothie! They are made from RPET, a recycled plastic material, which means that these cups are made from your old bottles! If this section doesn't help you find what you are looking for or you are unsure about anything, please call customer services for assistance.

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  • CE stamped to rim
  • 300ml ~ 10.56floz
  • RPET

These plastic half pint glasses are CE marked to rim for use in Licensed bars. These disposable glasses are made from recycled PET (drinks bottles), so are much more environmentally friendly. Stronger and sturdier than most disposable glasses, they won't crack and break ...

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Box x 1000 PPA-RPET284CE-BX
Only: £59.41 (inc)

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