Compostable Discount Packs

Compostable Discount Packs

As a discount pack, our compostable picnic pack needs no introduction. Completely biodegradable it is not only gentle on the environment but it is also available at a great value for money price too. Pop back and check out our other discount packs. If this section doesn't help you find what you are looking for or you are unsure about anything, please call customer services for assistance.

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A fantastic range of eco-friendly picnic products! Save over £2 when buying this product! Our Eco-Friendly Picnic Pack includes Tumbler Glasses (50), Pint Glasses (50), Recycled Paper Napkins (500), Disposable PLA Biodegradable Forks (50), Disposable PLA Biodegradable Sp...

From less than 3p (inc) each

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Pack x 800 PPA-ECOPP
Only: £22.01 (inc)

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