Recyclable Bottles

Recyclable Bottles

Recyclable plastic bottles are an important part of the solution to unnecessary waste, and more of them are being used as an alternative to bottles made of virgin plastics. Our RPET bottles are ideal for your raw juice and they look attractive when filled with natural energy drinks. Their RPET plastic exterior allow your colorful, natural drink to shine through these bottles, without compromise to your natural, organic formula. Also they are strong and sturdy, made from 50% post consumer recycled content, meaning they're made from previously recycled bottles. Tamper proof lids are available separately. If this section doesn't help you find what you are looking for or you are unsure about anything, please call customer services for assistance.

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  • 34mm x 22mm

  • R-PET

These eco-friendly R-PET Lids are made from 50% post consumer recycled content. They are strong, sturdy and tamper proof. One size fits our range of plastic bottles which are sold separately. Buy your tamper proof lid now at low online prices.

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Pack x 5 PPA-I00668
Only: £0.68 (inc)
Box x 2300 PPA-I00668
Only: £120.86 (inc)

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